25 CFR § 215.19 - Forms. 2

§ 215.19 Forms. 2

2 Forms may be obtained from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C.

Application, leases, and other papers must be upon forms prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior. Except as may be otherwise provided and required by the Secretary of the Interior, the leases and other papers required under the regulations in this part shall be in conformity with the forms designated, respectively, as follows:

Form A. Lease of Quapaw Indian land.
Form B. For lease of Indian land other than Quapaw.
Form C. Application by Indian.
Form D. Application for approval of lease.
Form E. Affidavit of lessor (or of superintendent acting for him) and affidavit of lessee.
Form F. Surety bond.
Form G. Affidavit of surety on personal bond.
Form H. Certificate as to sufficiency of surety on personal bond.
Form I. Affidavit as to authority of officers of corporation to execute lease and other papers.
Form J. Penal bond (in lieu of surety bond), and accompanying power of attorney.
Form K. Assignment of lead and zinc lease.

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