25 CFR § 215.2 - Local representative of lessee.

§ 215.2 Local representative of lessee.

Before actual drilling or development operations are commenced on the leased lands the lessee shall appoint a local or resident representative within Ottawa County, Oklahoma, on whom the superintendent may serve notice or otherwise communicate with in securing compliance with the regulations, and shall notify the superintendent of the name and post office address of the representative so appointed. In the event of the incapacity or absence from the county of Ottawa of such designated local or resident representative, the lessee shall appoint some person to serve in his stead, and in the absence of such representative or of notice of the appointment of a substitute any employee of the lessee upon the leased premises, or the contractor, or other person in charge of mining operations thereon shall be considered the representative of the lessee for the purpose of service of orders or notices as provided in this part, and service upon any employee, contractor, or other person shall be deemed service on the lessee. Wherever a notice is provided for in the regulations in this part or in the lease from it shall be deemed sufficient if notice has been mailed to the last known address of the lessee or his local or resident representatives, and time shall begin to run with the day next ensuing after the mailing, or from date of delivery of personal notice.

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