25 CFR 273.17 - Programs approved by Indian Education Committee.

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§ 273.17 Programs approved by Indian Education Committee.

(a) All programs contracted under this part shall:

(1) Be developed and approved in full compliance with the powers and duties of the Indian Education Committee as set out in § 273.16 and as may be contained in the Committee's organizational documents and by-laws.

(2) Be included as a part of the education plan provided for in § 273.14.

(b) No program contracted pursuant to this part shall be changed from the time of its original approval by the Indian Education Committee to the end of the contract period without the prior approval, in writing, of the Committee.

(c) Programs developed or approved by the Indian Education Committee pursuant to this part may, at the option of such Committee, include funds for the performance of Committee duties, including the following:

(1) Members' attendance at regular and special meetings, workshops and training sessions, as the Committee deems appropriate.

(2) Such other reasonable expenses incurred by the Committee in performing its primary duties, including the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of the program.