25 CFR § 276.3 - Cash depositories.

§ 276.3 Cash depositories.

(a) Except for situations described in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, the Bureau will not:

(1) Require physical segregation of cash depositories for Bureau grant funds provided to a grantee.

(2) Establish any eligibility requirements for cash depositories in which Bureau grant funds are deposited by grantees or their sub grantees.

(b) A separate bank account shall be used when payments under letter of credit are made on a “check-paid” basis in accordance with agreements entered into by a grantee, the Bureau, and the banking institutions involved. A check-paid basis letter of credit is one under which funds are not drawn from the Treasury until the grantee's checks have been presented to its bank for payment.

(c) Consistent with the national goal of expanding the opportunities for minority business enterprises, grantees are encouraged to use minority banks.