25 CFR § 31.7 - Handling of student funds in Federal school facilities.

§ 31.7 Handling of student funds in Federal school facilities.

The Secretary or his authorized representative may authorize officials and employees of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to accept and to disburse deposits of funds of students and student activity associations in schools operated by the Bureau in accordance with the purposes of such deposits. The following steps shall be taken to safeguard these funds:

(a) A written plan of operation shall be developed by the membership of each student activity group. The plan of operation subject to the approval of authorized officials shall outline procedures and provide for a system of accounting for the student funds commensurate with the age and grade level of the students yet adequate for financial control purposes and shall stipulate the maximum operating capital of activity.

(b) Appropriate safekeeping facilities shall be provided for all student personal and group funds and for the accounting or bookkeeping records.

(c) Employees handling student funds in cumulative amounts in excess of $100 shall be covered by a comprehensive fidelity bond the penal sum of which shall be appropriately related to fund amounts handled.

(d) Student funds accumulated in excess of the amount authorized for operating purposes by the plan of operation shall be deposited in federally insured depositories.

(e) Periodic administrative inspections and financial audit of student fund operations shall be conducted by authorized Bureau personnel.

[26 FR 10637, Nov. 14, 1961]