25 CFR 61.6 - Application forms.

§ 61.6 Application forms.

(a) Application forms to be filed by or for applicants for enrollment will be furnished by the Director, Superintendent, or other designated persons, upon written or oral request. Each person furnishing application forms shall keep a record of the names of individuals to whom forms are given, as well as the control numbers of the forms and the date furnished. Instructions for completing and filing applications shall be furnished with each form. The form shall indicate prominently the deadline for filing application forms.

(b) Among other information, each application form shall contain:

(1) Certification as to whether application form is for a natural child or an adopted child of the parent through whom eligibility is claimed.

(2) If the application form is filed by a sponsor, the name and address of sponsor and relationship to applicant.

(3) A control number for the purpose of keeping a record of forms furnished interested individuals.

(4) Certification that the information given on the application form is true to the best of the knowledge and belief of the person filing the application. Criminal penalties are provided by statute for knowingly filing false information in such applications ( 18 U.S.C. 1001).

(c) Application forms may be filed by sponsors on behalf of other persons.

(d) Every applicant or sponsor shall furnish the applicant's mailing address on the application form. Thereafter, the applicant or sponsor shall promptly notify the Director or Superintendent of any change in address, giving appropriate identification of the application, otherwise the mailing address as stated on the form shall be acceptable as the address of record for all purposes under the regulations in this part 61.