25 CFR 61.8 - Verification forms.

§ 61.8 Verification forms.

If the Director or Superintendent is preparing a roll of Indians by adding names of eligible persons to and deleting names of ineligible persons from a previously approved roll, and individuals whose names appear on the previously approved roll are not required to file applications for enrollment, a verification form, to be completed and returned, shall be mailed to each previous enrollee using the last address of record. The verification form will be used to ascertain the previous enrollee's current name and address and that the enrollee is living, or if deceased, the enrollee's date of death. Name and/or address changes will only be made if the verification form is signed by an adult enrollee, if living, or the parent or guardian having legal custody of a minor enrollee, or an authorized sponsor. The verification form may also be used by any sponsor to notify the Director or Superintendent of the date of death of a previous enrollee.