25 CFR § 700.55 - Decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling.

§ 700.55 Decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling.

(a) General. The term decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling means a dwelling which -

(1) Meets applicable federal, state and local housing and occupancy codes; including but not limited to the Uniform Building Code, National Electrical Code, ICBO Plumbing Code, the Uniform Mechanical Code, HUD Minimum Property Standards, and HUD Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards (24 CFR part 4080).

(2) Is structurally sound, clean, weathertight and in good repair and has adequate living space and number of rooms.

(3) Has an adequate and safe electrical wiring system for lighting and other electrical services where economically feasible.

(4) Meets the requirements of the HUD lead-based paint regulations (24 CFR part 42) issued under the Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act (42 U.S.C. 4831 et seq.);

(5) In the case of a physically handicapped person, is free of any architectural barriers. To the extent that standards prescribed by the American National Standards Institute, Inc., in publication ANSI A117.1-1961 (R 1971), are pertinent, this provision will be considered met if it meets those standards;

(6) Has heating as required by climatic conditions;

(7) Has habitable sleeping area that is adequately ventilated and sufficient to accommodate the occupants;

(8) Has a separate well-lighted and ventilated bathroom, affording privacy to the user, that contains a sink and bathtub or shower stall, properly connected to hot and cold water, and a flush toilet, all in good working order and properly connected to a sewage drainage system; and

(9) In the case of new construction or modular housing, complies with the energy performance standards for new buildings set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy.

(10) The Commission may waive paragraph (a)(3) or (8) of this section on a case-by-case basis if it is determined that it is in the best interest of the individual relocatee to do so.