25 CFR § 700.69 - Head of household.

(a) Household. A household is:

(1) A group of two or more persons living together at a specific location who form a unit of permanent and domestic character.

(2) A single person who at the time his/her residence on land partitioned to the Tribe of which he/she is not a member actually maintained and supported him/herself or was legally married and is now legally divorced.

(b) Head of household. The head of household is that individual who speaks on behalf of the members of the household and who is designated by the household members to act as such.

(c) In order to qualify as a head of household, the individual must have been a head of household as of the time he/she moved from the land partitioned to a tribe of which they were not a member.

[49 FR 22278, May 29, 1984]