25 CFR § 75.3 - Announcement of revision of roll.

§ 75.3 Announcement of revision of roll.

When the Tribal Council has authorized the expenditure of tribal funds to supply sufficient staff to perform the work necessary to revise the membership roll of the Band and such staff has been employed and when the application forms and other necessary documents have been devised and printed, the Principal Chief, or in his absence the Vice Chief or the Chairman of the Tribal Council shall announce that a revision of the membership roll of the Band shall commence on a specified date. The date specified shall be not less than 15 days nor more than 30 days from the date of issuance of the announcement. A press release should be prepared announcing the date the revision of the roll shall begin, together with other pertinent information such as the membership requirements and where application forms may be obtained. The press release should be distributed to all newspapers and radio stations within the region of the Reservation with a request that it be given wide publicity. Copies of the press release should also be posted in the Agency Office and at various other public places throughout the Reservation as well as in Post Offices of the towns adjacent to the Reservation.

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