25 CFR § 91.10 - Renting of improvements.

§ 91.10 Renting of improvements.

The Superintendent may issue a certificate of permission to rent for a period of one (1) year improvements located on land held under valid permit, subject to renewal in the discretion of the Superintendent, upon written application by the owner of such improvements and the prospective tenant: Provided, That such prospective tenant is a tribal member and the property to be rented is that heretofore occupied or inherited by the owner. Certificates of permission issued under this section may be withdrawn upon 30-day notice to the tenant by the Superintendent and such tenant expelled from the village reserve. The application and certificate of permission on a form to be prescribed by the Superintendent shall be made in triplicate and all copies forwarded to the Superintendent for action. Upon approval by the Superintendent, the original copy of the application and certificate shall be filed in the Branch of Realty, Osage Agency, the duplicate copy of each forwarded to the owner, and the triplicate copy of each forwarded to the tenant.