25 CFR § 91.5 - Tracts reserved from selection by individuals.

§ 91.5 Tracts reserved from selection by individuals.

The following described tracts, as shown on the plats of the three villages, are reserved from selection by individuals and are set aside for sepultural use or for public use by tribal members:

(a) Grayhorse Indian Village:

(1) Public Squares.

(2) Parks, and

(3) Cemetery.

(b) Hominy Indian Village:

(1) Public squares.

(2) Cemetery, and

(3) Lot 1 in block 1 set aside for religious and educational purposes to the Society of Friends, its Associate Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs and its or their representative at Hominy, Okla., by Resolution of the Osage Tribal Council dated June 6, 1956, and approved by the Assistant Secretary of the Interior, September 7, 1956.

(c) Pawhuska Indian Village:

(1) Wakon Iron Square.

(d) Those individuals who have summer homes or dance arbors located on the Public Square of the Hominy Indian Village shall be permitted to retain said summer homes or dance arbors during their lifetimes if they are maintained in a condition satisfactory to the Hominy Indian Village Committee. Following the owner's death, the improvements shall be removed within ninety (90) days or become the property of the Hominy Indian Village.

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