25 CFR § 91.9 - Inheritance of improvements.

§ 91.9 Inheritance of improvements.

(a) Upon the death of the owner of improvements in a village reserve, such improvements shall, in probate matters, be subject to the jurisdiction of the county courts, State of Oklahoma, and shall be subject to inheritance or bequest in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws. The land within a village reserve is held in trust for the benefit of tribal members and is not subject to inheritance or purchase.

(b) When such improvements or interests therein are inherited by or bequeathed to a non-tribal member, he or she shall dispose of such improvements in the manner provided for disposition of improvements by purchaser under § 91.8: Provided, That when such non-tribal member is a legally adopted minor child such child may continue to occupy the land during its minority: Provided, further, That when such non-tribal member is the surviving spouse such individual, so long as he or she remains single may continue to occupy the land during his or her lifetime or may sell the improvements as provided herein and may receive a proceeds therefrom. In the event such surviving spouse remarries, the right to continuous occupancy of the land pursuant to this § 91.9 shall terminate and such surviving spouse shall make disposition of such improvements as provided for purchasers in § 91.8. If upon the death of the surviving spouse title to the improvements vests in a non-tribal member, they shall be sold as provided in § 91.8 and the proceeds distributed to the persons entitled thereto.

(c) Improvements inherited by tribal members may be occupied or rented in accordance with § 91.10: Provided, No tribal member shall be issued more than two permits or own more than two sets of improvements, one of which must be inherited property and one occupied by the tribal member: Provided, further, No tribal member shall be permitted to retain more than one set of improvements for rental. If this provision is violated, the tribal member will have three years, from the date of written notice from the Superintendent that such provision has been violated, within which to dispose of the surplus property in accordance with § 91.8.