26 CFR § 1.145-1 - Qualified 501(c)(3) bonds.

§ 1.145-1 Qualified 501(c)(3) bonds.

(a) Overview. Interest on a private activity bond is not excludable from gross income under section 103(a) unless the bond is a qualified bond. Under section 141(e)(1)(G), a qualified 501(c)(3) bond issued under section 145 is a qualified bond. Under section 145, a qualified 501(c)(3) bond is any bond issued as a part of an issue that satisfies the requirements of sections 145(a) through (d).

(b) Scope. Sections 1.145-0 through 1.145-2 apply for purposes of section 145(a).

(c) Effective dates. For effective dates of §§ 1.145-0 through 1.145-2, see § 1.141-15.

[T.D. 8712, 62 FR 2303, Jan. 16, 1997]

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