26 CFR § 1.1561-0 - Table of contents.

§ 1.1561-0 Table of contents.

This section lists the table of contents for §§ 1.1561-1 through 1.1561-3.

§ 1.1561-1 General rules regarding certain tax benefits available to the component members of a controlled group of corporations.

(a) In general.

(1) Limitation.

(2) Definitions.

(b) Special rules.

(1) S Corporation.

(2) 52-53-week taxable year.

(c) Tax avoidance.

(d) Effective/applicability date.

§ 1.1561-2 Special rules for allocating reductions of certain Section 1561(a) tax-benefit items.

(a) Additional tax.

(1) Calculation.

(2) Apportionment.

(3) Examples.

(b) Reduction to the amount exempted from the alternative minimum tax.

(1) Calculation.

(2) Apportionment.

(3) Examples.

(c) Accumulated earnings credit.

(d) [Reserved]

(e) Short taxable year not including a December 31st date.

(1) General rule.

(2) Additional rules.

(3) Calculation of the additional tax.

(4) Calculation of the alternative minimum tax.

(5) Examples.

(f) Effective/applicability date.

§ 1.1561-3 Allocation of the section 1561(a) tax items.

(a) Filing of form.

(1) In general.

(2) Exception for component members that are members of a consolidated group.

(b) No apportionment plan in effect.

(c) Apportionment plan in effect.

(1) Adoption of plan.

(2) Limitation on adopting a plan.

(3) Termination of plan.

(d) Effective/applicability date.

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