26 CFR § 1.281-1 - In general.

§ 1.281-1 In general.

Section 281 provides special rules for the computation of the taxable incomes of a terminal railroad corporation and its shareholders when the terminal railroad corporation, as a result of taking related terminal income into account, reduces a charge which was made or which would be made for related terminal services furnished to a railroad corporation. Section 281 and paragraphs (a) and (b) of § 1.281-2 provide that the “reduced amount” described in paragraph (c) of § 1.281-2 is not includable in gross income of the terminal railroad corporation, is not treated as a dividend or other distribution to its railroad shareholders, and is not treated as an amount paid -or incurred by the railroad shareholders to the terminal railroad corporation. Section 281 and paragraph (a)(2) of § 1.281-2 provide that no deduction otherwise allowable to a terminal railroad corporation shall be disallowed as a result of the “reduced amount” described in paragraph (c) of § 1.281-2. Section 1.281-3 defines the terms terminal railroad corporation, related terminal income, related terminal services, agreement, and railroad corporation. Section 1.281-4 describes the effective dates and special rules for application of section 281 to taxable years ending before October 23, 1962.

[T.D. 7356, 40 FR 23732, June 2, 1975]