26 CFR § 1.312-3 - Liabilities.

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§ 1.312-3 Liabilities.

The amount of any reductions in earnings and profits described in section 312 (a) or (b) shall be (a) reduced by the amount of any liability to which the property distributed was subject and by the amount of any other liability of the corporation assumed by the shareholder in connection with such distribution, and (b) increased by the amount of gain recognized to the corporation under section 311 (b), (c), or (d), or under section 341(f), 617(d), 1245(a), 1250(a), 1251(c), 1252(a), or 1254(a).

[T.D. 7209, 37 FR 20804, Oct. 5, 1972, as amended by T.D. 8586, 60 FR 2500, Jan. 10, 1995]