26 CFR § 1.611-5 - Depreciation of improvements.

§ 1.611-5 Depreciation of improvements.

(a) In general. Section 611 provides in the case of mines, oil and gas wells, other natural deposits, and timber that there shall be allowed as a deduction a reasonable allowance for depreciation of improvements. Such allowance shall include exhaustion, wear and tear, and obsolescence. The deduction allowed under section 611 shall be determined under the provisions of section 167 and the regulations thereunder. For purposes of section 167 the unit of production method may, under appropriate circumstances, be considered a reasonable method under section 167(a), and therefore, not subject to the limitations prescribed by section 167(b).

(b) Special rules for mines, oil and gas wells, other natural deposits and timber.

(1) For principles governing the apportioning of depreciation allowances under sections 611 and 167 in the case of property held by one person for life with remainder to another or in the case of property held in trust or by an estate, see § 1.167(h)-1.

(2) A reasonable allowance for depreciation on account of obsolescence or decay shall be required in an appropriate case during periods when the improvement is not used in production or is used in producing at a rate below its normal capacity. This rule is applicable whether or not the taxpayer uses the unit of production method.

(3) See sections 615 and 616 and the regulations thereunder for special rules for treatment of allowances for depreciation of improvements with respect to the exploration and development of a mine or other natural deposit (other than oil or gas).

(4) In the case of operating oil or gas properties, the deduction for depreciation shall be allowed for those costs of improvements such as machinery, tools, equipment, pipes, and other similar items and the costs of installation which are not treated as a deductible expense under section 263(c). See § 1.612-4.

(c) Accounting and recordkeeping. See § 1.167(a)-7 for accounting and recordkeeping requirements for taxpayers claiming deductions under section 611 and this section.

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