26 CFR § 1.7874-5 - Effect of certain transfers of stock related to the acquisition.

§ 1.7874-5 Effect of certain transfers of stock related to the acquisition.

(a) General rule. Stock of a foreign acquiring corporation that is described in section 7874(a)(2)(B)(ii) shall not cease to be so described as a result of any subsequent transfer of the stock by the former domestic entity shareholder or former domestic entity partner that received such stock, even if the subsequent transfer is related to the domestic entity acquisition.

(b) Example. The rule of this section is illustrated by the following example:

(i) Facts. Individual A wholly owns DT, a domestic corporation. FA, a newly formed foreign corporation, acquires all of the stock of DT from Individual A in exchange solely for 100 shares of FA stock. Pursuant to a binding commitment that was entered into in connection with FA's acquisition of the DT stock, Individual A sells 25 shares of FA stock to B, an unrelated person, in exchange for cash. For federal income tax purposes, the form of the steps of the transaction is respected.

(ii) Analysis. Under § 1.7874-2(f)(1), the 100 shares of FA stock received by Individual A are stock of a foreign corporation (FA) that is held by reason of holding stock in a domestic corporation (DT). Accordingly, such stock is described in section 7874(a)(2)(B)(ii). Under paragraph (a) of this section, all 100 shares of FA stock retain their status as being described in section 7874(a)(2)(B)(ii), even though Individual A sells 25 of the 100 shares in connection with the acquisition described in section 7874(a)(2)(B)(i) pursuant to the binding commitment. Therefore, all 100 of the shares of FA stock are included in both the numerator and denominator of the ownership fraction.

(c) Certain transfers involving expanded affiliated group members. For rules addressing whether certain stock is treated as held by members of the expanded affiliated group for purposes of applying section 7874(c)(2)(A) and § 1.7874-1, see § 1.7874-6.

(d) Definitions. The definitions provided in § 1.7874-12 apply for purposes of this section.

(e) Applicability dates. This section applies to domestic entity acquisitions that are completed on or after January 16, 2014.

[T.D. 9812, 82 FR 5400, Jan. 18, 2017, as amended by T.D. 9834, 83 FR 32548, July 12, 2018]

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