26 CFR § 1.851-3 - Rules applicable to section 851(b)(3).

§ 1.851-3 Rules applicable to section 851(b)(3).

(a) In general. In determining the value of the taxpayer's investment in the securities of an issuer, for purposes of subparagraph (B) of section 851(b)(3), there shall be included its proper proportion of the investment of any other corporation, a member of a controlled group, in the securities of such issuer. See Example 4 in § 1.851-5. For purposes of §§ 1.851-2, 1.851-4, 1.851-5, and 1.851-6, the terms “controls,” “controlled group,” and “value” have the meaning assigned to them by section 851(c). All other terms used in these sections have the same meaning as when used in the Investment Company Act of 1940 (15 U.S.C., chapter 2D), as amended.

(b) Effective/applicability dates. The rules of this section apply to quarters that begin on or after December 14, 2015. For purposes of applying the first sentence of section 851(d)(1) to a quarter that begins on or after March 14, 2016, the rules of this section apply in determining whether the taxpayer met the requirements of section 851(b)(3) and (c) at the close of prior quarters.

[T.D. 9737, 80 FR 55245, Sept. 15, 2015]