26 CFR § 1.860-1 - Deficiency dividends.

§ 1.860-1 Deficiency dividends.

Section 860 allows a qualified investment entity to be relieved from the payment of a deficiency in (or to be allowed a credit or refund of) certain taxes. “Qualified investment entity” is defined in section 860(b). The taxes referred to are those imposed by sections 852(b) (1) and (3), 857(b) (1) or (3), the minimum tax on tax preferences imposed by section 56 and, if the entity fails the distribution requirements of section 852(a)(1)(A) or 857(a)(1) (as applicable), the corporate income tax imposed by section 11(a) or 1201(a). The method provided by section 860 is to allow an additional deduction for a dividend distribution (that meets the requirements of section 860 and § 1.860-2) in computing the deduction for dividends paid for the taxable year for which the deficiency is determined. A deficiency divided may be an ordinary dividend or, subject to the limitations of sections 852(b)(3)(C), 857(b)(3)(C), and 860(f)(2)(B), may be a capital gain dividend.

(Sec. 7805, 68A Stat. 917; 26 U.S.C. 7805; sec. 860(e) (92 Stat. 2849, 26 U.S.C. 860(e)); sec. 860(g) (92 Stat. 2850, 26 U.S.C. 860(g)))
[T.D. 7936, 49 FR 2107, Jan. 18, 1984]