26 CFR § 2.1-20 - Obligation of deposits.

§ 2.1-20 Obligation of deposits.

(a) Time for obligation. Within three years from the date of any deposit in a construction reserve fund, unless extension is granted as provided in § 2.1–22, such deposit must be obligated under a contract for the construction or acquisition of a new vessel or vessels (or in the discretion of the Administration for a share therein), with not less than 12 1/2 percent of the construction or contract price of the entire vessel or vessels actually paid or irrevocably committed on account thereof or must be expended or obligated for the liquidation of existing or subsequently incurred purchase-money indebtedness to persons other than a parent company of, or a company affiliated or associated with, the mortgagor on a new vessel or vessels. Amounts on deposit in a construction reserve fund will be deemed to be obligated for expenditure when a binding contract of construction or acquisition has been entered into or when purchase-money indebtedness has been incurred and, if obligated under a contract of construction or acquisition, will be deemed to be irrevocably committed when due and payable in accordance with the terms of the contract of construction or acquisition.

(b) Requirements for obligations. Unless otherwise authorized by the Administration, contracts for the construction of new vessels must be for a fixed price, or provide for a base price that may be adjusted for changes in labor and material costs not exceeding 15 percent of the base price. The fixed or base price, as the case may be, shall be fair and reasonable as determined by the Maritime Administration. Any financial or other interests between the taxpayer and the contractor shall be disclosed to the Administration by the taxpayer. Plans and specifications for the new vessel or vessels must be approved by the Administration to the extent it deems necessary. A deposit in a construction reserve fund may be expended or obligated for expenditure for procurement under an acquisition or construction contract of a part interest in a new vessel or vessels only after obtaining the written consent of the Administration. The granting of such consent shall be entirely in the discretion of the Administration and it may impose such conditions with respect thereto as it may deem necessary or advisable for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of section 511 of the Act. Applications for such consent shall be executed in triplicate, and, together with eight conformed copies thereof, filed with the Administration.