26 CFR 31.6053-2 - Employer statement of uncollected employee tax.

§ 31. 6053-2 Employer statement of uncollected employee tax.

(a)Requirement that statement be furnished. If -

(1) The amount of the employee tax imposed by section 3101 in respect of tips reported by an employee to his employer pursuant to section 6053(a) (see § 31. 6053-1) exceeds

(2) The amount of employee tax imposed by section 3101 in respect of such tips which can be collected by the employer from wages (exclusive of tips) of such employee or from funds furnished to the employer by the employee,

the employer shall furnish to the employee a statement showing the amount of the excess. For provisions relating to the collection of, and liability for, employee tax on tips, see § 31. 3102-3.

(b)Form of statement. Form W-2 is the form prescribed for use in furnishing the statement required by paragraph (a) of this section, except that if an employer files a composite return pursuant to § 31.6011(a)-8 he may furnish to the employee, in lieu of Form W-2, a statement containing the required information in a form suitable for retention by the employee. A statement is required under this section in respect of an excess referred to in paragraph (a) of this section, even though the employer may not be required to furnish a statement to the employee under § 31.6051. Provisions applicable to the furnishing of a statement under § 31.6051 shall be applicable to statements under this section.

(c)Excess to be shown on statement. If there is an excess in respect of the tips reported by an employee in two or more statements furnished pursuant to section 6053(a), only the total excess for the period covered by the employer statement shall be shown on such statement.

[T.D. 7001, 34 FR 1005, Jan. 23, 1969, as amended by T.D. 7351, 40 FR 17145, Apr. 17, 1975]