26 CFR § 36.3121(l)(1)-2 - Amendment of agreement.

§ 36.3121(l)(1)-2 Amendment of agreement.

(a) An agreement entered into by a domestic corporation as provided in § 36.3121(l)(1)-1 may be amended so as to be made applicable, in the same manner and under the same conditions, with respect to any one or more of the foreign subsidiaries of the domestic corporation not previously named in the agreement. See § 36.3121(l)(2)-1(b), relating to the effective period of an amendment of an agreement.

(b) Form 2032 Supplement is the form prescribed for use in amending an agreement entered into by a domestic corporation as provided in § 36.3121(l)(1)-1.

(c) A domestic corporation shall signify its desire to amend an agreement entered into by the corporation as provided in § 36.3121(l)(1)-1 by executing and filing Form 2032 Supplement in triplicate.

(d) Form 2032 Supplement shall be executed and filed in the manner and in conformity with the requirements prescribed in the instructions relating to such form and in § 36.3121(l)(1)-1(c) in respect of an agreement on Form 2032. Form 2032 Supplement executed and filed as provided in this paragraph shall be signed and dated by the district director or director of the service center, and, upon such signing, the Form 2032 Supplement so executed and filed will constitute an amendment of the agreement entered into on Form 2032. The Internal Revenue Service will return one copy of the amendment to the domestic corporation, will transmit one copy to the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and will retain one copy (together with all related papers).

[T.D. 6145, 25 FR 14021, Dec. 31, 1960, as amended by T.D. 7012, 34 FR 7694, May 15, 1969]