26 CFR § 48.4081-5 - Taxable fuel; notification certificate of taxable fuel registrant.

§ 48.4081-5 Taxable fuel; notification certificate of taxable fuel registrant.

(a) Overview. This section sets forth requirements for the notification certificate under §§ 48.4081-2(c)(2)(ii), 48.4081-3(c)(2)(iii) and (iv), 48.4081-3(d)(2)(iii), 48.4081-3(e)(2)(iii), 48.4081-3(f)(2)(ii), and 48.4081-4(c) to notify another person of the taxable fuel registrant's registration status.

(b) Certificate -

(1) In general. The certificate to be provided by a taxable fuel registrant consists of a statement that is signed under penalties of perjury by a person with authority to bind the registrant, is in substantially the same form as the model provided in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, and contains all information necessary to complete such model. A new certificate must be given if any information in the most recently provided certificate changes. The certificate may be included as part of any business records normally used to document a sale. The certificate expires on the earlier of the following dates:

(i) The date the registrant provides a new certificate.

(ii) The date the recipient of the certificate is notified by either the Internal Revenue Service or the registrant that the registrant's registration has been revoked or suspended.

(2) Model certificate.

Notification Certificate of Taxable Fuel Registrant

Name, address, and employer identification number of person receiving certificate

The undersigned taxable fuel registrant (“Registrant”) hereby certifies under penalties of perjury that Registrant is registered by the Internal Revenue Service with registration number ______ and that Registrant's registration has not been revoked or suspended by the Internal Revenue Service.

Registrant understands that the fraudulent use of this certificate may subject Registrant and all parties making such fraudulent use of this certificate to a fine or imprisonment, or both, together with the cost of prosecution.

Signature and date signed
Printed or typed name of person signing
Title of person signing
Name of registrant
Employer identification number
Address of registrant

(3) Use of Form 637 or letter of registration as a notification certificate prohibited. A copy of the certificate of registry (Form 637) or letter of registration issued to a registrant by the Internal Revenue Service is not a notification certificate described in paragraph (b)(2) of this section.

(c) Effective date. This section is effective January 1, 1994.

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