27 CFR 17.121 - Product formulas.

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§ 17.121 Product formulas.

(a)General. Except as provided in §§ 17.132 and 17.182, manufacturers shall file quantitative formulas for all preparations for which they intend to file drawback claims. Such formulas shall state the quantity of each ingredient, and shall separately state the quantity of spirits to be recovered or to be consumed as an essential part of the manufacturing process.

(b)Filing. Formulas shall be filed on TTB Form 5154.1, Formula and Process for Nonbeverage Products. Filing shall be accomplished no later than 6 months after the end of the quarter in which taxpaid distilled spirits were first used to manufacture the product for purposes of drawback. If a product's formula is disapproved, no drawback shall be allowed on spirits used to manufacture that product, unless it is later used as an intermediate product, as provided in § 17.137.

(c)Numbering. The formulas shall be serially numbered by the manufacturer, commencing with number 1 and continuing thereafter in numerical sequence. However, a new formula for use at several plants shall be given the highest number next in sequence at any of those plants. The numbers that were skipped at the other plants shall not be used subsequently.

(d)Distribution and retention of approved formulas. One copy of each approved Form 5154.1 shall be returned to the manufacturer. The formulas returned to manufacturers shall be kept in serial order at the place of manufacture, as provided in § 17.170, and shall be made available to appropriate TTB officers for examination in the investigation of drawback claims.

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