27 CFR 17.132 - U.S.P., N.F., and H.P.U.S. preparations.

§ 17.132 U.S.P., N.F., and H.P.U.S. preparations.

(a)General. Except as otherwise provided by paragraph (b) of this section or by TTB ruling, formulas for compounds in which alcohol is a prescribed quantitative ingredient, which are stated in the current revisions or editions of the United States Pharmacopoeia (U.S.P.), the National Formulary (N.F.), or the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (H.P.U.S.), shall be considered as approved formulas and may be used as formulas for drawback products without the filing of TTB Form 5154.1.

(b)Exceptions. Alcohol (including dehydrated alcohol and dehydrated alcohol injection), U.S.P.; alcohol and dextrose injection, U.S.P.; and tincture of ginger, H.P.U.S., have been found to be fit for beverage use and are disapproved for drawback. All attenuations of other H.P.U.S. products diluted beyond one part in 10,000 (“4 × ”) are also disapproved for drawback, unless the manufacturer receives approval for a formula submitted on Form 5154.1 in accordance with this subpart. The formula for such attenuations shall be submitted with a sample of the product and a statement explaining why it should be classified as unfit for beverage use.