27 CFR § 19.152 - Types of bonds.

§ 19.152 Types of bonds.

(a) Basic Bonds. There are two basic types of bonds: the operations bond, and the withdrawal bond.

(1) Operations bond. An operations bond covers the tax liability for a variety of operations at a distilled spirits plant, along with any penalties incurred and fines imposed for violation of the law and regulations relating to activities covered by the bond.

(2) Withdrawal bond. A withdrawal bond covers the tax liability for tax determined distilled spirits withdrawn from the bonded premises on a tax deferred basis.

(b) Other bonds. In addition to the basic operations and withdrawal bonds, several variations of these bonds are available:

(1) An adjacent wine cellar bond covers operations at a distilled spirits plant and an adjacent bonded wine cellar;

(2) An area bond covers operations at two or more distilled spirits plant and any adjacent bonded wine cellars; and

(3) A unit bond covers both operations and withdrawals at one or more distilled spirits plants and operations at any adjacent bonded wine cellars.