27 CFR § 19.170 - Termination of bonds.

§ 19.170 Termination of bonds.

Liability under operations bonds, withdrawal bonds, and unit bonds may be terminated for future withdrawals, future production, or future deposits as set forth below:

(a) On application by the surety. A surety may terminate a bond by filing a notice as provided in § 19.171;

(b) By replacement of the bond. A principal may terminate an existing bond by replacing it with a superseding bond approved by TTB;

(c) By discontinuing withdrawals. A principal may terminate a withdrawal bond by notifying TTB that the principal has stopped making withdrawals covered by the bond, if the bond was filed solely as a withdrawal bond;

(d) By discontinuing the business. A principal may terminate a bond by notifying TTB that the principal has discontinued business; and

(e) On application by an existing proprietor who becomes exempt from bond requirements. If a proprietor has held a bond or bonds covering operations or withdrawals of distilled spirits for nonindustrial use and becomes exempt from those bond requirements as provided under § 19.151(d), the proprietor may apply to TTB to terminate the bond or bonds covering such operations or withdrawals. To apply, the proprietor must file an amendment to TTB F 5110.41, Registration of Distilled Spirits Plant, as provided in § 19.136. The proprietor must accurately state in the submission that the proprietor:

(1) Will withdraw distilled spirits for deferred payment of tax as provided in § 19.235;

(2) Reasonably expects to be liable for not more than $50,000 in taxes with respect to distilled spirits imposed by 26 U.S.C. 5001 and 7652 for the current calendar year (see definition of “Reasonably expects” in § 19.235(e)); and

(3) Was liable for not more than $50,000 in such taxes in the preceding calendar year.

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