27 CFR § 19.239 - Form of payment.

§ 19.239 Form of payment.

(a) General. The proprietor must pay the tax due on spirits when filing a return on form TTB F 5000.24, Excise Tax Return. The remittance for the tax must accompany the return and may be in any form that is authorized by § 70.61 of this chapter and acceptable to the appropriate TTB officer. Exception: This does not apply to payments that must be made by EFT. For EFT payments see § 19.240.

(b) Consequences of default. If a check or money order tendered in payment of taxes is not paid on presentment, or if the taxpayer is otherwise in default in payment, then any remittance made during the period of default must be either in cash or by an acceptable certified instrument. The proprietor must continue to pay in cash or by certified instrument as long as the proprietor remains in default, and until the appropriate TTB officer finds that accepting a check will not jeopardize the revenue.

(c) Certified instruments. Acceptable certified instruments include certified checks, cashier's checks or treasurer's checks drawn on any bank or trust company incorporated under the laws of the United States, or under the laws of any State, Territory or possession of the United States, or a money order, as provided in § 70.61 of this chapter.

(d) Payment of taxes. The proprietor must make checks or money orders payable to “Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau”.

(26 U.S.C. 5061, 6311)