27 CFR § 19.496 - Cases of industrial alcohol.

§ 19.496 Cases of industrial alcohol.

(a) Mandatory marks. A proprietor must mark each case and each encased container of alcohol bottled for industrial use under the provisions of subpart N of this part to show the following information:

(1) The designation “Alcohol”;

(2) The serial number or lot identification number;

(3) The distilled spirits plant number of the proprietor;

(4) The proof;

(5) The proof gallons;

(6) The designation “Tax-Free”; and

(7) Any information required by part 28 of this chapter, for cases that are withdrawn for export, transferred to customs bonded warehouses, transferred to foreign trade zones, or are for use on vessels and aircraft.

(b) Other marks. A proprietor may mark cases of industrial alcohol with other marks, provided that they do not interfere with, or detract from, mandatory case marks in the manner permitted under § 19.489.

(26 U.S.C. 5206, 5235)