27 CFR § 19.598 - Dump/batch records.

§ 19.598 Dump/batch records.

A proprietor who processes, mixes, or blends spirits in the processing account must maintain “dump/batch” records setting forth detailed information regarding the processing of the spirits. The dump/batch records must contain each of the following items of information that applies to the processing in question:

(a) Serial number of the record or batch number;

(b) Name and distilled spirits plant number of the producer;

(c) Kind and age of the spirits used, together with a notation, if applicable, that the spirits—

(1) Were treated with oak chips;

(2) Contain added caramel;

(3) Were imported; or

(4) Are from Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands;

(d) Serial number of the tank or container to which ingredients are added for use;

(e) Serial or identification number of the tank or container from which spirits are removed;

(f) Quantity by ingredient of other alcoholic ingredients used, showing wine in wine gallons, the percentage of alcohol by volume and proof, and alcoholic flavoring materials in proof gallons;

(g) Serial number of the source transaction record (for example, the record for spirits previously dumped);

(h) Date of each transaction;

(i) Quantity, by ingredient (other than water), of nonalcoholic ingredients used;

(j) Formula number;

(k) Quantity of ingredients used in the batch that have been previously dumped, reported on dump records, and held in tanks or containers;

(l) Total quantity in proof gallons of all alcoholic ingredients used;

(m) Identification of each record to which spirits are transferred;

(n) Quantity of each lot transferred;

(o) Date of each transfer;

(p) Total quantity in proof gallons of the product transferred;

(q) Batch gain or loss; and

(r) For each batch to be tax determined in accordance with § 19.247, the effective tax rate.