27 CFR § 19.600 - Alcohol content and fill test record.

§ 19.600 Alcohol content and fill test record.

A proprietor must maintain a record of the results of all tests of alcohol content and quantity (fill) conducted. The record must include information that will enable TTB officers to determine whether the proprietor is complying with the requirements of § 19.356. The record of alcohol content and fill tests must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

(a) Date and time of the test;

(b) Bottling tank number;

(c) Serial number of the bottling record;

(d) Bottling line designation;

(e) Size of bottles filled;

(f) Number of bottles tested;

(g) Labeled alcohol content;

(h) Alcohol content found by the test;

(i) Percentage of variation from 100 percent fill; and

(j) Corrective action taken, if any.

(26 U.S.C. 5207, 5555)