27 CFR § 19.74 - Description of the plant.

§ 19.74 Description of the plant.

As required by § 19.73(a)(8), the application for registration must include a description of the distilled spirits plant. This information must:

(a) Describe each tract of land covered by distilled spirits plant;

(b) Clearly distinguish between the bonded premises and any general premises;

(c) Provide directions and distances in enough detail to enable the appropriate TTB officer to readily determine the boundaries of the plant;

(d) Describe each building and outside tank that will be used for production, storage, and processing of spirits and for denaturing spirits, articles, or wines. The description must include the location, size, construction, and arrangement with reference to each by a designated number or letter; and

(e) Specify when only a room or floor of a building will be used for plant operations and provide the location and description of the building, floor, and room.