27 CFR § 20.141 - General.

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§ 20.141 General.

(a) Each formulation of completely denatured alcohol may be sold and used for any purpose, subject to the limitations in the formula prescribed in part 21 of this chapter. For example, formulations of C.D.A. Formula No. 18 or 19 may be used:

(1) In the manufacture of definite chemical substances where the alcohol is changed into some other chemical substance and does not appear in the finished product;

(2) In the arts and industries, including but not limited to the manufacture of cleaning fluids, detergents, proprietary antifreeze solutions, thinners, lacquers, and brake fluids; and

(3) For fuel, light, and power.

(b) Completely denatured alcohol may not be used in the manufacture of preparations or products for internal human use or consumption where any of the alcohol or the denaturants used in that alcohol remain in the finished product.

(c) Persons distributing and using (but not recovering for reuse) completely denatured alcohol are not required to obtain a permit or file a bond under this part.

(d) Any person recovering completely denatured alcohol for reuse shall obtain a permit under subpart D of this part if the recovered alcohol does not contain all of the original denaturants of the completely denatured alcohol.

(e) Containers of products manufactured with completely denatured alcohol (such as proprietary antifreeze solutions, solvents, thinners, and lacquers) may not be branded as completely denatured alcohol. These products may not be advertised, shipped, sold, or offered for sale as completely denatured alcohol.

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