27 CFR § 20.146 - Labels on bulk containers.

§ 20.146 Labels on bulk containers.

(a) Completely denatured alcohol in bulk containers with a capacity exceeding 1 gallon shall be labeled on the head or side of the container or on the side of the casing, with the following:

(1) The name and address of the person filling the containers;

(2) The contents in gallons:

(3) The words “Completely Denatured Alcohol”; and

(4) The formula number.

(b) Packages of 5 gallons or less shall bear labels required by § 20.147, in lieu of the labels required by this section.

(c) The letters and figures used for marking packages shall be large enough to be easily read and, when printed, labeled, or stenciled, shall be in permanent ink and shall contrast distinctly with the background to which applied.

(d) Packages may also be marked with the brand name and a statement to the type of merchandise contained in the package if these markings do not obscure or detract from the required markings. The person filling the packages shall maintain the record required by § 20.261.