27 CFR § 24.203 - Honey wine.

§ 24.203 Honey wine.

(a) Subject to paragraph (b) of this section, a winemaker, in the production of wine from honey, may add the following:

(1) Water to facilitate fermentation, provided the density of the honey and water mixture is not reduced below 13 degrees Brix;

(2) Hops in quantities not to exceed one pound for each 1,000 pounds of honey; and

(3) Pure, dry sugar or honey for sweetening. Sugar may be added only after fermentation is completed.

(b) After complete fermentation or complete fermentation and sweetening, the wine may not have an alcohol content of more than 14 percent by volume or a total solids content that exceeds 35 degrees Brix.

[T.D. TTB-23, 70 FR 2801, Jan. 18, 2005]