27 CFR § 24.67 - Other claims.

§ 24.67 Other claims.

The requirements with respect to a claim for:

(a) Remission of tax on wine withdrawn without payment of tax under the provisions of § 24.292, and lost in transit to the port of export, vessel or aircraft, foreign-trade zone, customs bonded warehouse, or manufacturing bonded warehouse, as applicable, are contained in 27 CFR part 28.

(b) Refund or credit of any tax imposed on wine or other liquors by 26 U.S.C. chapter 51, part I, subchapter A, on the grounds that an amount of tax was assessed or collected erroneously, illegally, without authority, or in any manner wrongfully, or on the grounds that the amount was excessive, are contained in 27 CFR part 70 subpart F.

(c) Payment of an amount equal to the internal revenue tax paid or determined and customs duties paid on wines or other liquors previously withdrawn, which are lost, rendered unmarketable, or condemned by a duly authorized official as a result of

(1) A major disaster,

(2) Fire, flood, casualty, or other disaster, or

(3) Breakage, destruction, or damage (excluding theft) resulting from vandalism or malicious mischief, are found in 27 CFR part 70, subpart G.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1512-0492)
[T.D. ATF-299, 55 FR 24989, June 19, 1990, as amended by T.D. ATF-376, 61 FR 31030, June 19, 1996; T.D. TTB-8, 69 FR 3830, Jan. 27, 2004]

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