27 CFR § 24.96 - Use off premises.

§ 24.96 Use off premises.

The proprietor may remove samples of wine or wine spirits free of tax for analysis or testing purposes.

(a) Size. The size of each sample may not be more than one liter for each lot of wine or wine spirits to be analyzed or tested unless the appropriate TTB officer authorizes a larger quantity.

(b) Disposition of samples. Remnants or residues of samples remaining after analysis or testing, and which are not retained as specimens, will be destroyed or returned to bonded wine premises. Free of tax samples or residues may not be consumed or sold.

(c) Records. The proprietor shall maintain records of all samples taken for analysis or testing, showing the size of each sample, the kind of wine or wine spirits, date of removal, and the name and address to where sent.

(d) Labeling of samples. Each sample taken for analysis or testing will be labeled “Sample for Analysis Only”. The label will show the name, address, and registry number of the bonded wine premises, date, and the kind of wine or wine spirits.

(e) Limitation. The tax will be collected on any wine or wine spirits withdrawn under this section which are used or disposed of for purposes other than as authorized. When the quantity of wine or wine spirits withdrawn under this section exceeds the amount necessary for the purpose intended the tax will be collected on such excess.

(Sec. 201, Pub. L. 85-859, 72 Stat. 1380, as amended, 1381, as amended, 1382, as amended (26 U.S.C. 5362, 5367, 5368, 5373))
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control numbers 1512-0298 and 1512-0503)
[T.D. ATF-299, 55 FR 24989, June 19, 1990, as amended by T.D. ATF-409, 64 FR 13683, Mar. 22, 1999]

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