27 CFR § 25.263 - Production of concentrate and reconstitution of beer.

§ 25.263 Production of concentrate and reconstitution of beer.

(a) Operations at brewery. A brewer may concentrate beer or reconstitute beer only at a brewery.

(b) Marking of containers. Containers of concentrate transferred to other breweries of the same ownership, and containers of concentrate removed for export shall be marked, branded and labeled in the same manner as prescribed for containers of beer in subpart J of this part. All containers shall be identified as containers of beer concentrate.

(c) Mingling with beer. A brewer may not mingle concentrate with unconcentrated beer. A brewer may mingle reconstituted beer with other beer at the brewery.

(d) Additional labeling. Barrels, kegs, and bottles containing beer produced from concentrate will show by label or otherwise the statement “PRODUCED FROM . . . CONCENTRATE,” the blank to be filled in with the appropriate class designation of the beer (beer, lager, ale, stout, etc.) from which the concentrate was made. The statement will be conspicuous and readily legible and, in the case of bottled beer, will appear in direct conjunction with, and as a part of, the class designation. All parts of the class designation will appear in lettering of substantially the same size and kind.

(e) Records and reports. Brewers producing concentrate and brewers reconstituting beer from concentrate shall keep the records and reports required by subpart U of this part.