27 CFR § 26.95 - Deferred payment of tax - release of wine.

§ 26.95 Deferred payment of tax - release of wine.

(a) Action by proprietor. Where the proprietor wishes to defer payment of tax, he must execute the agreement on TTB Form 5100.21 to pay the amount of tax which has been computed and entered on the form. If a bond is required under § 26.67, he must certify under the penalties of perjury that he is not in default of any payment of tax chargeable against his bond, and that his bond is in the maximum penal sum, or that it is sufficient to cover the amount of tax on the wine described on the form in addition to all other amounts chargeable against his bond. If the proprietor deferring payment of tax is not required to provide a bond under § 26.67, the proprietor must certify under the penalties of perjury that the proprietor was liable for not more than $50,000 in taxes in the preceding calendar year, reasonably expects to be liable for not more than $50,000 during the current calendar year, and is not using the TTB Form 5100.21 for any shipment of wine for industrial use. The proprietor must deliver all copies of TTB Form 5100.21 to the revenue agent.

(b) Action by revenue agent. On receipt of TTB Form 5100.21, the revenue agent shall verify the computation of the tax entered on the form, and if the proprietor has on file a good and sufficient bond, TTB Form 5120.32, so indicate on TTB Form 5100.21. The revenue agent shall then execute his report of release on the TTB Form 5100.21 and release the wine for the purpose authorized on the form. The completed form shall be distributed in the same manner as provided for TTB Form 5110.51 in § 26.80(b). Where the revenue agent finds that the proprietor does not have good and sufficient bond coverage, or that the proprietor is in default of payment of any taxes previously charged to his bond, he shall return all copies of TTB Form 5100.21 to the proprietor, giving his reasons for such action.

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