27 CFR § 4.26 - Estate bottled.

§ 4.26 Estate bottled.

(a) Conditions for use. The term Estate bottled may be used by a bottling winery on a wine label only if the wine is labeled with a viticultural area appellation of origin and the bottling winery:

(1) Is located in the labeled viticultural area; (2) grew all of the grapes used to make the wine on land owned or controlled by the winery within the boundaries of the labeled viticultural area; (3) crushed the grapes, fermented the resulting must, and finished, aged, and bottled the wine in a continuous process (the wine at no time having left the premises of the bottling winery).

(b) Special rule for cooperatives. Grapes grown by members of a cooperative bottling winery are considered grown by the bottling winery.

(c) Definition of “Controlled”. For purposes of this section, Controlled by refers to property on which the bottling winery has the legal right to perform, and does perform, all of the acts common to viticulture under the terms of a lease or similar agreement of at least 3 years duration.

(d) Use of other terms. No term other than Estate bottled may be used on a label to indicate combined growing and bottling conditions.

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