27 CFR § 4.62 - Mandatory statements.

§ 4.62 Mandatory statements.

(a) Responsible advertiser. The advertisement must display the responsible advertiser's name, city, and State or the name and other contact information (such as telephone number, website, or email address) where the responsible advertiser may be contacted.

(b) Class, type, and distinctive designation. The advertisement shall contain a conspicuous statement of the class, type, or distinctive designation to which the product belongs, corresponding with the statement of class, type, or distinctive designation which is required to appear on the label of the product.

(c) Exception.

(1) If an advertisement refers to a general wine line or all of the wine products of one company, whether by the company name or by the brand name common to all the wine in the line, the only mandatory information necessary is the name and address of the responsible advertiser. This exception does not apply where only one type of wine is marketed under the specific brand name advertised.

(2) On consumer specialty items, the only information necessary is the company name or brand name of the product.

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