27 CFR § 44.228 - Landing certificate.

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§ 44.228 Landing certificate.

Each claimant for drawback under this subpart agrees in the bond filed by him that he will furnish, within a reasonable time, evidence satisfactory to the appropriate TTB officer that the tobacco products, and cigarette papers and tubes covered by his claim have been landed at some port beyond the jurisdiction of the internal revenue laws of the United States, or that after shipment from the United States the articles were lost, and have not been relanded within the limits of the United States. The landing certificate shall accurately describe the articles involved, so as to readily identify the drawback claim to which it relates. The landing certificate shall be signed by a revenue officer at the place of destination, unless it is shown that no such officer can furnish such landing certificate, in which case the certificate of landing shall be signed by the consignee, or by the vessel's agent at the place of landing, and shall be sworn to before a notary public or other officer authorized to administer oaths and having an official seal. The landing certificate shall be filed with the appropriate TTB officer, with whom the drawback claim was filed, within 6 months from the date of clearance of the tobacco products, and cigarette papers and tubes from the United States. A landing certificate prepared in a foreign language shall be accompanied by an accurate translation thereof in English.

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