27 CFR § 6.21 - Application.

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§ 6.21 Application.

Except as provided in subpart D, it is unlawful for any industry member to induce, directly or indirectly, any retailer to purchase any products from the industry member to the exclusion, in whole or in part, of such products sold or offered for sale by other persons in interstate or foreign commerce by any of the following means:

(a) By acquiring or holding (after the expiration of any license held at the time the FAA Act was enacted) any interest in any license with respect to the premises of the retailer;

(b) By acquiring any interest in the real or personal property owned, occupied, or used by the retailer in the conduct of his business;

(c) By furnishing, giving, renting, lending, or selling to the retailer, any equipment, fixtures, signs, supplies, money, services or other thing of value, subject to the exceptions contained in subpart D;

(d) By paying or crediting the retailer for any advertising, display, or distribution service;

(e) By guaranteeing any loan or the repayment of any financial obligation of the retailer;

(f) By extending to the retailer credit for a period in excess of the credit period usual and customary to the industry for the particular class of transactions as prescribed in § 6.65; or

(g) By requiring the retailer to take and dispose of a certain quota of any such products.