27 CFR § 7.50 - Application.

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§ 7.50 Application.

No person engaged in business as a brewer, wholesaler, or importer, of malt beverages directly or indirectly or through an affiliate, shall publish or disseminate or cause to be published or disseminated by radio or television broadcast, or in any newspaper, periodical, or any publication, by any sign or outdoor advertisement, or in any other printed or graphic matter, any advertisement of malt beverages, if such advertising is in, or is calculated to induce sales in, interstate or foreign commerce, or is disseminated by mail, unless such advertisement is in conformity with §§ 7.50-7.55 of this part. Provided, that such sections shall not apply to outdoor advertising in place on (effective date of this Treasury decision), but shall apply upon replacement, restoration, or renovation of any such advertising; and provided further, that §§ 7.50-7.55 of this part shall apply to advertisements of malt beverages intended to be sold or shipped or delivered for shipment, or otherwise introduced into or received in any State from any place outside thereof, only to the extent that the laws of such State impose similar requirements with respect to advertisements of malt beverages manufactured and sold or otherwise disposed of in such State. And provided further that such sections shall not apply to a retailer or the publisher of any newspaper, periodical, or other publication, or radio or television broadcast, unless such retailer or publisher or radio or television broadcaster is engaged in business as a brewer, wholesaler, bottler, or importer of malt beverages, directly or indirectly, or through an affiliate.

[T.D. ATF-180, 49 FR 31675, Aug. 8, 1984]

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