27 CFR § 70.412 - Excise taxes.

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§ 70.412 Excise taxes.

(a) Collection. Taxes on distilled spirits, wines, and beer are paid by returns. Depending on the circumstances, the person responsible for paying the taxes may be eligible to file semimonthly, quarterly, or annual returns, with proper remittances, to cover the taxes incurred on distilled spirits, wines, and beer during the semimonthly, quarterly, or annual period. Payment must accompany the return unless required to be made by electronic fund transfer (EFT). If the taxpayer is not qualified to defer taxpayment, or has been placed on a prepayment basis, the taxpayer must prepay the tax on the distilled spirits, wines, or beer. Distilled spirits, wines, and beer tax returns are filed in accordance with the instruction on the return forms, which are furnished to industry members by TTB. Detailed information respecting the payment of tax on liquors, including the forms to be used and procedures to be followed, is contained in the respective regulations described in § 70.411(c).

(b) Assessment. If additional or delinquent tax liability is disclosed by an investigation, or by an examination of records, of a qualified plant or permittee, a notice (except where delay may jeopardize collection of the tax, or where the amount involved is nominal or the result of an evident mathematical error) is sent to the taxpayer advising of the basis and amount of the liability and affording the taxpayer an opportunity to submit a protest, with supporting facts, or to request a conference.

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