28 CFR § 0.75 - Policy functions.

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§ 0.75 Policy functions.

The Assistant Attorney General for Administration shall head the Justice Management Division and shall provide advice relating to basic Department policy for budget and financial management, program evaluation, auditing, personnel management and training, procurement, information processing and telecommunications, security and for all matters pertaining to organization, management, and administration. The following matters are assigned to, and shall be conducted, handled, or supervised by, the Assistant Attorney General for Administration:

(a) Conduct, direct, review, and evaluate management studies and surveys of the Department's organizational structure, functions, and programs, operating procedures and supporting systems, and management practices throughout the Department; and make recommendations to reduce costs and increase productivity.

(b) Supervise, direct, and review the preparation, justification and execution of the Department of Justice budget, including the coordination and control of the programming and reprogramming of funds.

(c) Review, analyze, and coordinate the Department's programs and activities to ensure that the Department's use of resources and estimates of future requirements are consistent with the policies, plans, and mission priorities of the Attorney General.

(d) Plan, direct, and coordinate Department-wide personnel management programs, and develop and issue Department-wide policy in all personnel program areas, including training, position classification and pay administration, staffing, employee performance evaluation, employee development, employee relations and services, employee recognition and incentives, equal employment opportunity programs, including the equal opportunity recruitment program (5 U.S.C. 7201), personnel program evaluation, labor management relations, adverse action hearings and appeals, employee grievances, and employee health programs.

(e) Develop and direct Department-wide financial management policies, programs, procedures, and systems including financial accounting, planning, analysis, and reporting.

(f) Supervise and direct the operation of the Department's central payroll system, automated information services, publication services, library services and any other Department-wide central services which are established by or assigned to the Justice Management Division.

(g) Formulate and administer the General Administration Appropriation of the Department's budget.

(h) Formulate Department-wide audit policies, standards and procedures; develop, direct and supervise independent and comprehensive internal audits, including examinations authorized by 28 U.S.C. 526, of all organizations, programs, and functions of the Department, and audits of expenditures made under the Department's contracts and grants to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and generally accepted accounting principles; economy and efficiency in operation; and that desired results are being achieved.

(i) Develop and direct a Department-wide directives management program and administer the directives management system.

(j) Plan, direct, administer, and monitor compliance with Department-wide policies, procedures, and regulations concerning records, reports, procurement, printing, graphics, audiovisual activities (including the approval or disapproval of production and equipment requests), forms management, supply management, motor vehicles, real and personal property, space assignment and utilization, and all other administrative services functions.

(k) Formulate Department policies, standards, and procedures for information systems and the management and use of automatic data processing equipment; review the use and performance of information systems with respect to Department objectives, plans, policies, and procedures; provide technical leadership and support to new Department-wide information systems; review and approve all contracts for information processing let by the Department, and provide the final review and approval of systems and procedures and standards for use of data elements and codes.

(l) Formulate policies, standards, and procedures for Department telecommunications systems and equipment and review their implementation.

(m) Provide computer and digital telecommunications services on an equitable resource-sharing basis to all organizational units within the Department.

(n) Formulate Department policies for the use of consultants and non-personal service contracts, review, and approve all nonpersonal service contracts, and review the implementation of Department policies.

(o) Serve as liaison with state and local governments on management affairs, and coordinate the Department's participation in Federal regional interagency bodies.

(p) Direct all Department security programs including personnel, physical, document, information processing and telecommunications, special intelligence, and employee health and safety programs and formulate and implement Department defense mobilization and contingency planning.

(q) Review legislation for potential impact on the Department's resources.

(r) Develop and implement a legal information coordination system for the use of the Department of Justice and, as appropriate, the Federal Government as a whole.

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