28 CFR § 100.11 - Allowable costs.

§ 100.11 Allowable costs.

(a) Costs that are eligible for reimbursement under section 109(e) CALEA are:

(1) All reasonable plant costs directly associated with the modifications performed by carriers in connection with equipment, facilities, and services installed or deployed on or before January 1, 1995, to establish the capabilities necessary to comply with section 103 of CALEA, until the equipment, facility, or service is replaced or significantly upgraded or otherwise undergoes major modifications;

(2) Additional reasonable plant costs directly associated with making the assistance capability requirements found in section 103 of CALEA reasonably achievable with respect to equipment, facilities, or services installed or deployed after January 1, 1995, in accordance with the procedures established in CALEA section 109(b); and

(3) Reasonable plant costs directly associated with modifications to any of a carrier's systems or services, as identified in the Carrier Statement required by CALEA section 104(d), that do not have the capacity to accommodate simultaneously the number of interceptions, pen registers, and trap and trace devices set forth in the Capacity Notice(s) published in accordance with CALEA section 104.

(b) Allowable plant costs shall include:

(1) The costs of installation, inspection, and testing of the telecommunications plant, and inspection after modifications have been made; and

(2) The costs of direct supervision and office support for this work for plant costs.

(c) In the case of any modification that may be used for any purpose other than lawfully authorized electronic surveillance by a government law enforcement agency, this part permits recovery of only the incremental cost of making the modification suitable for such law enforcement purposes.

(d) Reasonable costs that are directly associated with the modifications performed by a carrier as described in § 100.11(a) are recoverable. These allowable costs are limited to directly assignable and directly allocable costs incurred by the business units whose efforts are expended on the implementation of CALEA requirements.