28 CFR § 17.14 - Department Review Committee.

§ 17.14 Department Review Committee.

(a) The Department Review Committee (DRC) is established to:

(1) Resolve all issues, except those related to the compromise of classified information, that concern the implementation and administration of Executive Order 12958, implementing directives from the ISOO, and subpart B of this part, including those issues concerning over-classification, failure to declassify, classification challenges, and delays in declassification not otherwise resolved;

(2) Review all appeals from denials of requests for records made under section 3.6 of Executive Order 12958 and the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552), when the proposed denial is based on their continued classification under Executive Order 12958;

(3) Recommend to the Attorney General appropriate administrative sanctions to correct the abuse or violation of any provision of Executive Order 12958, the implementing directives or subpart B of this part, except as it relates to the compromise of classified national security information; and

(4) Review, on appeal, challenges to classification actions and mandatory review requests.


(1) The DRC shall consist of a senior representative designated by the:

(i) Deputy Attorney General;

(ii) Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel;

(iii) Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division;

(iv) Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division;

(v) Assistant Attorney General for National Security;

(vi) Assistant Attorney General for Administration; and

(vii) Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(2) Each such official shall also designate in writing an alternate to serve in the absence of his or her representative. Four representatives shall constitute a quorum of the DRC. The Attorney General shall designate the Chairman of the DRC from among its members.

(c) The Office of Information and Privacy (OIP) shall provide the necessary administrative staff support for the DRC.

[Order No. 2091-97, 62 FR 36984, July 10, 1997, as amended by Order No. 2865-2007, 72 FR 10069, Mar. 7, 2007]